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All Residents of Marigot Bay, Concord Grandroy or any well wishers are welcome to join. As a member, you would be able attend meetings and get voted unto the Management Committee

Marigot Bay is in decline, it is severely damaged and needs our help to stop it's complete demise.

In May, 2014 , we formed theMarigot Bay Restoration Society

( A Charity -Also  Registered as a Not for Profit Organisation)  to bring the Bay to the condition it was in the 1950 - 1980 when it was the focus of the community.

A place where as children , we spent our school holidays, swimming, playing , fishing , etc.

A place where Fishermen mended their nets, kept their boats and  landed and sold their catch

A place where Visitors came to Fish, Dive and Snorkel or just Lime

So,our mission is to do the following:

Stop any further damage to the Bay and Environment caused by Dumping and Fly Tipping

Build a Path from the Old Road to the Bay to make it accessible to all Residents, (especially Older Residents) and Visitors

Rebuild the concrete surface of the 'Scheme'. The pictures opposite show the incredible amount of damage which took place over the past decade

Add additional facilities such as Showers and Toilets.

Leave a Management structure in place that would protect and look after the Bay for future generations

To get to our goal, we need Volunteers from local Residents and Donations from anyone who share our vision​.

Total Project Cost - Materials only is estimated at $50,000.00 (EC)  Phase 1 - New Foot Path - Materials Only - $10,000.00 (EC)

Please Send a Donation  or Pledge a Donation which can be sent at a later date.